We do our best to counsel veterans and active-duty personnel with challenging obstacles they may be going through such as financial, marriage, dependency, anger and other related subjects. We have certified counselors on hand as well as Ordained Ministers and Theology students and graduates. We ONLY refer to the scriptures and apply to situations as we are a biblical organization and believe the Bible has the final authority on all areas it addresses.

We believe salvation is most crucial as we plant seeds in hopes of directing those who are ready to be saved by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We also believe that sharing the Gospel is necessary for salvation. We believe it is our duty and call by anointing that we must share the true Gospel as instructed by God. 

Yes, we do. We also include all family members of those associated with Veterans and AD.

No. VMO reaches out to anyone who can connect online. Since we are an online ministry, we can assist anyone on the web.

For the time being. Yes.

No. We are not associated with the Veterans Administration. We are a non-profit organization not associated with the VA or any other government institution.

We are a Christian faith-based ministry.

Yes. Our services are designed to assist anyone the Lord brings us in need. Giving online is an option.

Yes. Our staff consists of devout born-again Veterans and devout born-again Christians only.  

Sí. Nuestro ministerio ofrece servicios en Español.

We are not a 501c (3) organization however, we are taking measures in order to do so for the future.

Please CLICK HERE to view our Statement of Faith.

You can call us 619-505-5100 or CLICK HERE to book a one-on-one appointment.